Investing in solid oak furniture is a significant investment in your house. But if you’re not in need of a fashionable wardrobe or a new bed, what can you do to bring a touch of timelessness into your home without busting the bank?

That’s where the nests of tables come in! Practical as well as fashionable, they’re ideal for family entertaining, or as a contemporary TV stand. Searching for a stylish way to order your projects if you have a home office? Hello, table nests!

Endlessly adaptable and amazingly practical, you don’t know you want a table nest until you have one. And, you’ll wonder how you ever went without one.

Accessorising your table nest with complimentary colours works well, but what if you prefer the traditional look of unpainted units? It’s one of our favourites as well, so I don’t blame you!

Choosing solid hardwood furniture in its original, beautiful colour won’t stop you from having an elegant home – in fact, quite the opposite. Accessorise your nest of tables with large glass accessories (such as a lamp or old decanter) for a truly beautiful look.

A real table nest can also be an excellent way to add a certain air to your home. It can make a room warm, inviting and perfectly styled.

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