So, Why Oak?

While there is a large selection of wooden furniture on the market these days, the wood that is most inquired after is oak! So the puzzle has to be asked: why oak? To answer that apparently simple question we need to examine several others.

What motivates us when wanting oak furniture?

It may seem simple, but when deciding on what furniture we want in our house, the first thing we think of is looks. Oak furniture has a widespread appeal that few other materials can rival.

For example, there are those who see mahogany furniture as the top of opulence, but others don’t. This is presumably because of its striking colour and rich designs.

Other people love the rustic appeal of dark mango furniture. But again, while it is unquestionably beautiful furniture, it’s the sort of finish that interests to those with more exotic and adventurous tastes. Oak furniture seems to exceed this but retains its natural charm.

Is oak furniture is more than just a beautiful face?

The grain of genuine solid oak, with its individual touches that hinges around a unique, sumptuous slight golden colour, is not just a thing of elegance. The tightness of the grain is a hint to its strength and sturdiness. It also means that it can be moulded into elaborate forms without causing weakness.

Again, these intricate details needn’t be purely decorative. A feature of truly high-quality wooden furniture is the use of handcrafted dovetail joints. Usually hidden away in drawers, these joints are traditionally adamant, and can only be made using high-quality wood. Oak is excellent for this kind of joinery.

Is oak furniture easy to have around the house?

In a word, yes. In fact, as long as you stay clear cheap furniture (which is built utilising oak veneers, not solid oak), then you will discover oak furniture is one of the simplest types of furniture to care for.

Just dust your oak furniture without using spray cleaning goods (these will damage the timber), and give it a light coat of oil every so often and you don’t have to do anything else at all! Easy!

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