T.V Cabinets

Like it or not, but in this day and age, the television dominates the living room. Therefore a primary concern when planning your living room furniture has got to be the TV cabinet.

No matter what size your TV or the number of cables spreading from it, you will be able to find a high-quality hardwood TV cabinet that will have all of the qualities you require to be the focal point of your living room.

Coffee Tables

Living room furniture needs to be both practical and attractive. None more so than the central coffee table. While a simplistic solid oak coffee table may be a clear choice, it has recently become popular to include storage into your table. Drawers beneath the coffee table make use of a frequently wasted space.


Having a few side tables in your living room furniture is an excellent way of giving additional display space, as well as being a convenient portable landing area. Whenever you may need it.

Nest of Tables

If space is the issue, then a smart solution is to add a nest of tables to your living room furniture suite. The stacking nature of the tables means that when you don’t need them, they will take up only minimal space.

Storage Bookcases

A fabulous way of adding character and warmth to your living room furniture suite is to add a bookcase. Once stacked with your favourite tomes and a few ornaments it will personalise your living room as well as being practical.

Sideboards and Buffets

Many people think of sideboards as being either dining or kitchen furniture. However, if you have space, they are great to have in your living room. A lot of people use them as wine cabinets, and with room for glasses, they make a perfect bar for your house. You could even add a lovely wine rack to complement your living room furniture!


A beautiful finishing touch to your living room is to include a mirror. This will provide the effect of extra space and introduce more light, brightening up a dark corner.

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