The coffee table has long remained a living room essential, not just because of the booming fame of the hot drink that it’s named for, but because of the functionality and multi-purpose features of the traditional coffee table design.

Commonly placed in the middle of a room, the coffee table is frequently in the interior design ‘spotlight’ and gets constant use during the day. So why settle for a boring design? Make an announcement with your coffee table and pick something that deserves to be placed centre stage.

Deciding on a The Right Table

Whether it’s the end item to be bought in an already decorated room, or if you’re basing the whole interior around the table, there are a few things you might want to contemplate when choosing a new coffee table.

Coffee Tables with Extra Storage

If you notice that your current coffee table manages to fill up with clutter all too quickly, invest in a coffee table with combined storage. Coffee tables with storage, include roomy drawers on each side of the table, which assures quick and easy storage of items. You could additionally consider a coffee table with a bottom shelf or rack if you wish to show off items such as coffee table books.

Coffee Table Style & Sizes

If your living space is more on the snug and small side, you may want to look at a smaller coffee table, or maybe even an expanding table – providing more surface area when you need it and less when you don’t. On the other hand, If you have space in excess, then go as large as you like. With a large coffee table, you can manage to put your feet up on it, use the table as a play space, or host ever more fantastic coffee mornings.

When you’re contemplating style, take a look at the décor in the room. Whether the character you’ve created is classic or contemporary, country cottage style or something in between, you’ll find the ideal table to slot into the style you have created.

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