Sideboards and Buffet Tables are one of those pieces of furniture that seem to be either adored or entirely ignored by people. Some people are in the know concerning sideboards and recognise the importance of them around a home, and then numerous people think that they are designed specifically as dining room furniture, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sideboards aren’t just for the dining room

Sideboards are ideal in absolutely any room (except maybe a bathroom!). Many interior designers use sideboards as living room furniture and bedroom furniture, as well as dining room furniture. This is because they’re so efficient and can give a very upmarket feel to any home.

Sideboards For the Living Room

Sideboards are unmistakably storage furniture, but as living room furniture they can be used as a serving area for when guests come over for drinks and nibbles when your dinner party retreats to the lounge, or just displaying decorations and pictures of loved ones while keeping your room jumble free and organised.

Sideboards for the Bedroom

A sideboard will not only give you flexible storage options, but it can contribute a useful alternative to a dressing table when joined with a swivel mirror. A bonus is that they make an excellent ‘TV stand‘ for the bedroom as they are raised enough to be seen easily when lying in bed with a large footboard.

Sideboards for The Rest of The Home

The other room a sideboard will add substance to is a kitchen. Many of the fitted kitchens of today lack personality, but a great way of creating a country cottage feeling is to add a solid oak sideboard or even a glass dresser. A sideboard is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture for you and your home, and with the amount of choice in style, size and wood. You are sure to find a sideboard to suit you.

Choosing The Right Sideboard

Even smaller sideboards are large pieces of furniture that will draw the eye went one enters a room. Therefore it’s important that you choose a high-quality sideboard. This is not a piece of furniture that you can hide away! That’s why all of the sideboards at Furniture Lands are handcrafted from selected timbers and finished to the utmost standards. Whether you’re looking for a modern sideboard or a more traditional rustic sideboard you can be sure that you are buying high-quality furniture.

Finally, and this may appear obvious, but I can’t stress how crucial it is to measure where you want to place your sideboard before you buy one. By far the greatest mistake people make when it comes to choosing furniture is purchasing items which will not fit into the place they had planned for them.

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