The beauty of oak furniture is in its unique character. No two pieces are ever identical. And, as a “living wood”, it will proceed to develop over the years into something utterly beautiful and utterly your own. Granted you take care of it, of course!

How Do I Go About Caring For My Oak Furniture?

First thing, make sure you’re purchasing the right oak. Nearly half the weight of oak is water, so it’s essential that your oak furniture has been completely kiln-dried to lessen this moisture content to the ideal level.

Once your new furniture has arrived, help it acclimatise to its environment by treating it with oil or wax polish. You’ll want to continue treating it in this way every three-month, to support the fragile timbers and create a long-lasting protecting seal for your furniture.

This process might sound time-consuming, but it’s well worth it if you’d like your furniture to last a lifetime. Waxing protects the grain, stops the wood cracking, and keeps any finishes in the best condition possible.

So how do you apply the wax? Simply apply in the same direction as the grain. Leave for 5 minutes, then remove the wax by gently buffing. It’s much easier and quicker than you would think!

How do I clean my oak furniture?

Your regular household cleaning furniture is rather likely to damage the finish of your furniture if frequently used. But no worries! There’s a simple solution! For routine cleaning, just wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth. Spotted a serious coffee stain that you didn’t notice? It’s best to reach out to a professional furniture restorer who will use time-served methods to get your furniture back into top condition.

So, What else should I know?

It’s quite important to recognise where you place your new furniture.
It’s best to avoid direct sunlight to stop fading to the finish and avoid placing your furniture in front of radiators. The heat will dry out your new unit. But your furniture definitely shouldn’t be outside unless specially designed for the outdoors!

And finally, remember that your oak unit will only get more beautiful with age, naturally darkening through its lifetime.

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