A sideboard is a wonderful, functional object that adds much-needed storage space to any room. It’s the ideal place to store family photo albums, comfortable knitwear for the winter, and all those differences that you haven’t got round to filling out though. But it isn’t just practical; a sideboard can also be a smart addition to your home, enabling you to express your style and explore new avenues of interior design.

But before you begin creating your sideboard, it helps to own one! We’ve got a large range of sideboards available on our website, all built from 100% hardwood with no assembly required and free delivery. Whether you’re looking for anything with a contemporary or a rustic feel, we’ve got something for you.

Consider the space.

The primary problem when styling your sideboard is, first and foremost, the organisation of it. Sideboards are connected with living rooms, dining rooms and hallways, but in all honesty can be an outstanding addition to any space. In the bedroom, they’re a fabulous place to put sheets, socks and underwear.

Whatever room it’s in, have a look at the sizes of the room before you make your investment. You might think you want a big sideboard, but is there a space in your room.

Keep it simple.

It’s essential to ensure your sideboard isn’t too packed by other items of furniture. Placing a wardrobe immediately beside your sideboard will overshadow it as it’s utterly too tall – but if you are pushed for space and require to maximise storage, then a somewhat taller chest of drawers alongside your sideboard will add an impressive height without being too oppressive.

But, if possible, it’s beneficial to let your sideboard speak for itself and not be too cluttered by different items. After all, you’ve invested in a lovely piece of furniture for your home, so show it off! Accompany your sideboard with ornamental details that will flatter rather than hide your new addition. Plants are a classic example. Select a simple, uncomplicated pot in a shade that works adjacent your current colour design and fill it with plants. Leaf green houseplant since green is a colour that continuously works well with wood. Plus, they’re super easy to maintain!

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