It’s a recognised fact that on average we spend around a third of our life sleeping. Some may ask if it’s needed to waste all that time. Well, it isn’t a waste. We lead such frenetic and stressful lives these days that we must get away from it all, making sleep crucial. Many people lose out on sleep because of various forms of insomnia. It may seem like a medical condition but often connected to your surroundings. This means bedroom design is highly likely to be directly linked to a peaceful sleep.
You also need to recognise that we spend an unusual amount of time in our bedrooms when we are awake. Getting dressed, putting makeup on, to watching TV or reading a book, we need our bedroom to be a neat and relaxing place to be.

The centrepiece to any bedroom is the bed itself. It Must be as big as can be, solidly built and comfortable. A great sleigh bed, like those in our range of bedroom furniture, is a particularly excellent example, producing a sense of beauty and sumptuousness. You will be able to get into it and lose yourself in extravagance. Here at Furniture Land, we not only sell beds, but we also sell a complete matching ranges including wardrobes, bedside tables and chests.
You may currently have a bedroom that includes a metal bed. These can be very attractive, but also have an ability to be uncomfortable, and age promptly due to difficulties with the springs, corrosion, and poor fixings. For a relaxing night’s sleep, it’s very recommended that you choose a high-quality wood bed. Not only does solid oak furniture look the part, but it will last a lifetime. The natural feel of plain wood is both comforting and warm to the touch.
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Storage is a fundamental element in a bedroom. Many people don’t include enough room in their bedroom. The last thing you want is piles of clothes and shoes all over the room. Some chests of drawers and a wardrobe or two will mean that keeping your bedroom a lovely orderly sanctuary is a piece of cake.

If there is still some room left, the very good idea is to get a bookcase and place some personal possessions on there. Photos of loved ones or pets, adornments, or simply flowers will add to the soothing atmosphere that is so crucial.

If you’re decorating a small room, then make sure you find an area for a mirror; it will give the impression of space.

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